The Road to Hell

As we mentioned earlier, our boss as a boy was obsessed with Tonka toys, so the decision to move into HGV's was an easy one, for him anyway. When a man is on a MISSION (like the subtle use of our name there?) - there is sometimes no stopping him, other than ropes, gaffer tape, and a stern talking to from the Finance Director.

The Boss wanted to buy more HGV's and machinery than that used to build a small country, and our FD demonstrated what the cost of 25 arctic lorries could do to his bottom line. What followed was a compromise. Simple really, we found a group of other hauliers and like minded children, sorry we mean bosses, which meant that in the event of us ever having more freight than we can handle, we have the perfect bunch on board to help.

Our network of HGV contacts provide a whole host of delivery services across the UK (and abroad), meaning no job is ever too big. To find out if we can help you with a big problem get in touch. If you're obsessed with Tonka toys ring Mark


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