Motorcycle Courier

Bat Out Of Hell

Fresh from the Ace cafe come our fleet of Hells Angels. Okay, not quite true, but they are all proper bikers. Ten hours a day in the saddle come rain, wind or shine surely qualifies them as hard core. Oh, and if you haven't yet tried the Ace cafe you really should.

Bike couriers often cause controversy. We all see them weaving in and out of traffic, sometimes on one wheel, sometimes unfortunately on none! People often refer to them as "nut jobs" or "loons" and have a distinct dislike of them, usually because they have fallen victim to losing a wing mirror courtesy of a rider that has misjudged a gap.

Love 'em or hate 'em, bike couriers play a vital role in keeping London's businesses in the fast lane, Mission Despatch have some of the best.

"Sat Nav kids" are all too a plenty these days, but there is no substitute for a hardened old school courier and a torn oil-drenched A to Z.


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