"Bright Side Of The Road"

One of the most random, yet regularly asked questions we get asked is "can I have a van big enough for a medium sized box"?

So what is a medium sized box? There is probably a mathematical equation out there somewhere to determine this, but to be on the safe side we have a fleet made up of small vans, big vans, and truly humongous vans. In the eventuality that your medium sized box is equivalent to the mass of a 200lb mammal, panic not, we'll have a vehicle to suit.

Another common question is "how far do you go". To answer that question we thought it best to give you two extremities at both ends of the scale. Below are two real jobs completed recently.

Big van: Started in West London, drove to Hollyhead, Ferry to Belfast, drive 60 miles, deliver. Sleep over, collect AM, a 3 hour soft shoe shuffle around Belfast, sleep. Wake up, drive to ferry, feet on dry land in Hollyhead, drive back to London. Total miles 787 (not including the Irish sea, you can't drive on that bit).

Little Van: Collect EC2 from the ground floor of a rather tall building, deliver to the 25th floor! We tried to get the vehicle into the lift but failed. Total miles 0


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